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Fun Games to Play On Your Thanksgiving Road Trip

Fun Games to Play On Your Thanksgiving Road Trip

Most of us will be hitting the highway for Thanksgiving soon, and we should be prepared with things to entertain us amid the congested traffic. You (and your children) might grow impatient, so it would be nice to distract yourselves. How about some fun family road trip games to play? Here are some fun games to play to keep you and the kiddos happy until you get to your destination:

20 Questions

This game goes in rounds. Each round, a mysterious thing or person is chosen by one person for the rest of the passengers to guess. There are only 20 questions that the entire car can ask, so choose your questions carefully. If no one can correctly guess the "thing" by the end of the 20 questions, then the person who's been asked the question wins. 

I Spy

I Spy is a classic tradition and very similar to 20 questions. To play this game in the car, you can declare one of the children to be "it." This person has to pick a specific thing in the vehicle to center the game around. Then, the other people will take turns guessing until somebody exactly thinks of the object selected by "it."

The License Plate Game

The goal of the License Plate Game is to find as many license plates from as many different states as possible; Given that many people will be traveling for Thanksgiving, this game should be a breeze. Whoever grabs the first out-of-state plate gets to claim that as one of their states. Have a pen and paper or phone nearby to keep track of the points. Whoever claims the most states by the end of the journey wins.

The Alphabet Game

There's a reason this game is such a classic! Determine a specific category, such as animals or foods, and then take turns coming up with names or things in that category that start with each letter of the alphabet. This game will indeed have the kids thinking!


We wish you and your family an early Happy Thanksgiving! If you are heading home for the holidays, we highly suggest bringing your vehicle to Sacramento Specialty Auto. Our certified professionals at our shop in Sacramento, CA, can give you a thorough pre-trip inspection to ensure you get there safely for the feast.