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What Are the Advantages of Synthetic Oil Over Conventional Oil?

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Do you know what to look for when you purchase motor oil from the auto store? When an employee asks you synthetic or conventional (regular), do you see the difference? If this scenario leaves you feeling doubtful, let's explore what these options mean for you.


First of all, synthetic oil is hands-down better than conventional oil. However, it depends on whether your car actually needs it. Synthetic engine oil uses a higher quality base than the less-refined base oil used in traditional oil. Full synthetic oil renders increased engine performance and protection than conventional motor oils, and they are formulated to present supplementary performance benefits. Standard oil, when compared to synthetic or blends, breaks down faster.


Synthetic motor oils are chemically engineered to be more consistent. It goes through an intricate process that removes impurities from crude oil and gets tailored for the needs of modern engines. Synthetic engine oil beats conventional oil by:

  • Allowing greater engine wear protection
  • Maintaining your engine's cleanliness
  • Flowing better in different temperatures
  • Protecting the engine at extremely higher temperatures
  • Protecting critical turbocharge pieces

Synthetic oil also provides you with a more extensive oil change interval than conventional oil. All these benefits we mentioned before do come with a higher cost. Synthetic oil can cost double what traditional oil costs, but it is worth the investment considering you will need fewer oil changes. However, before picking up a specific type of oil, please be sure to check your vehicle's manufacturer instructions. 


In conclusion, the benefits of synthetic motor oil far surpass that of conventional oil. The decision ultimately comes down to manufacturer specifications, how much you drive, and how diligent you are about car maintenance. You must choose the motor oil that is best suited for your vehicle's health and needs. If you need assistance picking an oil and getting an oil change, look no further than the experts at Sacramento Speciality Automotive! Please give us a call or visit today.