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Sacramento Brake Repair

If you want a quick and reliable response when you need to slow down or come to a halt, you engage your brakes (of course). Your vehicle's braking system is a complex network of components. For expert brake system service and repairs in Sacramento, turn to the experts at Sacramento Specialty Automotive. We work on domestic, European, and Asian makes and models.

1. Brake Pads:

Brake pads are essential for creating friction, allowing your vehicle to stop. Over time, they wear down and need replacement to maintain optimal braking performance. Bring your car to our one-stop auto repair shop for brake pad replacement in Sacramento.

2. Brake Rotors:

Rotors, or brake discs, work in conjunction with the brake pads to create the necessary friction. Like brake pads, rotors can wear down and may require resurfacing or replacement.

3. Brake Calipers:

Calipers house the brake pads and play a pivotal role in the braking process. Proper maintenance ensures they allow for even wear on the brake pads.

4. Brake Fluid:

Brake fluid transfers force from the brake pedal to the brake components. Regular checks and fluid flushes are a must to prevent brake failure.

Brake Repair in Sacramento, CA by Sacramento Specialty Automotive

Whether you need a brake fluid flush or an inspection of brakes, our brake shop in Sacramento has you covered. Our ASE certified technicians utilize OEM-level equipment and parts. Let our team conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle's braking system. We will clearly communicate the problem with you and recommend repairs when necessary. We are proud to provide our customers with a 3 year or 36,000 nationwide warranty.

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Experience the brake services at Sacramento Specialty Automotive, where cutting-edge equipment meets family-like customer service. Our facility has an inviting waiting area, free wifi, beverages, and snacks for you to enjoy while our hard-working team works on your brakes.

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