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Head Gasket Repair in Sacramento, CA


The head gaskets of certain types of engines are prone to leaking both coolant and oil. Some head gaskets have been updated on newer models to correct this problem, while others still run the risk. Head gasket repair or replacement is often inevitable. Leaks can be both internal and external, and putting off this work can result in further engine damage, such as overheating and lack of lubrication.

For top-quality head gasket repair or replacement in the Sacramento area, the experienced team at Sacramento Specialty Automotive is ready to get to work for you. Since 2001, our family-run shop has been delivering precise head gasket repairs and replacements to drivers throughout Sacramento and beyond. Our family approach to business means we'll treat you like one of our own.


Regular service and maintenance will minimize the possibility of any surprise head gasket repair needs. Here at Sacramento Specialty Automotive, we hope to build an ongoing relationship with you based on a long-term vehicle health plan. We'll conduct a thorough digital inspection, complete with photos, to accurately determine all immediate and future requirements. You'll have all the information you need for not just your engine's head gasket, but your entire vehicle.

Effective head gasket repairs and replacements require long-lasting parts. Sacramento Specialty Automotive always uses OEM and top-quality aftermarket materials in every job we perform. For your long-term peace of mind, we back all head gasket repair work with our 3-year/36,000-mile nationwide warranty.


The six star mls "stopper" head gasket is ideal for both aluminum heads and aluminum blocks. A better alternative compared to other gaskets made of bonded materials that fail prematurely due to load and heat dissipation problems!

By design, the MLS (multi-layered steel) STOPPER head gasket has a folded bore bead that encompasses the entire combustion area. This allows for a concentrated seal along a pin-pointed surface area encompassing the combustion chamber. The gasket promotes an even torque load across a wider area and requires less clamp force resulting in less bore distortion conforming load across the sealing area! No re-torque necessary.

Gaskets are made of stainless steel and the outer layers of the gasket are embossed and coated on both sides with a fluoroelastomer rubber based material Viton.