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Monthly Archives: April 2021

5 Car Care Tips for Spring

5 Car Care Tips for Spring

Ever thought about why April was set aside as a car care month? After your car has survived some corrosive road salt, harsh weather, and cold temperatures, it will need some specialized care. So as you say bye to winter, you can have a safe car to drive in the warmer weather. Here are five car care tips for spring. 1. Check Your Battery Your battery could be dead after winter, so you have to check whether it's alive or not. With a dead battery, your car won't be able to start. That's why you need to check it and test whether it's still working. If the battery needs charging, well and good. You can organize to have it charged. In some cases, you may notice that the battery needs replacement. That will force you to buy a new battery. 2. Schedule For Oil Filter And Oil Change Oil filters ensure that the oil that runs in your engine is clean. This will protect your engine from any damage that can be caused by dirty oil. So, if your filter can not perform well, there ... read more