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Signs That You Have Air in Your Brake Lines

Signs That You Have Air in Your Brake Lines

Your brakes are one of the many essential components that play a vital role in your vehicle. Whenever you need to slow down or come to a complete stop, your first instincts tell you to step on your brake pedals. For something so dependent on your safety, faulty brakes can lead to accidents and sometimes lost lives. The next time you step on the brake pedals, take note of how they feel. If they feel soft and spongy, then there may be air in your brake lines. If you catch this unusual feeling, it's time to take your car to the auto shop and have it checked by professionals.    Symptoms of Air in Brake Lines Sponge-like feeling of brake pedals  Softer than usual brake pedals  Brake pedals depressed too much than usual Driving around with air-filled brake lines is very dangerous, which is why we recommend that you give Sacramento Specialty Automotive a visit. You might wonder how air gets into your brake lines.   Manufacturers engineer their modern vehic ... read more