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The Importance of Preventative & Regular Maintenance

The Importance of Preventative & Regular Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance for your vehicle is important to keep up with, as it will increase the efficiency of how your vehicle runs, and drives, and increase the longevity of your vehicle's major components. In this article, you will find several reasons why you will want to and must get into the habit of Preventative Maintenance for your vehicle.  Safety: Regular maintenance helps to ensure that your vehicle is operating safely. For example, here at Sacramento Specialty Automotive, we have seen numerous occasions where a customer comes in stating that their vehicle is taking a lot longer to stop when exiting the highway, or their vehicle is pulling them into the next lane over! This is a very unsafe driving condition caused by neglecting regular maintenance and now the repairs are costly because we waited too long to address them.  Reliability: Preventative maintenance will save you from unexpected part failures, causing breakdowns and other mechani ... read more