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Is It Safe to Continue Driving With a TPMS Light?

Is It Safe to Continue Driving With a TPMS Light?

The TPMS warning light is your vehicle's Tire Pressure Monitoring System warning light. When this light comes on your dash, your vehicle is warning you that it has identified that one or more of your tires has insufficient tire pressure.    Proper tire inflation is essential for many reasons. It is necessary for handling your vehicle, longer lifespan of your tires, optimal fuel efficiency, and overall safety. Continuing to drive your car with the light on is not safe. Here's why!   When you drive your car with low tire pressure, you are causing your tire to wear down excessively and prematurely. You may notice uneven wear on your tires if you look closely. If you ignore the warning indication, then it can cost you a new tire much sooner than you think. You are also hindering your ability to handle and maneuver your vehicle, which can be very hazardous on the road. Low tire pressure also puts you at risk for a tire blowout and negatively affects your vehicle ... read more