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5 Signs it’s Time for a Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment - Sacramento Specialty Automotive

Proper vehicle maintenance doesn’t just involve oil changes and car washes; your wheels play an integral role in performance as well. If your wheels are misaligned, the tires will wear quicker than usual and cause the drive to become more challenging. You may even find yourself making more frequent trips to the gas station due to decreased fuel efficiency. If you recently drove over a deep pothole or hit a curb, it may have knocked your vehicle out of alignment. Below are five common signs it’s time to schedule a wheel alignment service. 

Abnormal Tire Wear 

If your tire tread has become significantly worn since the last time you’ve checked, it may be more than just a sign that you need to replace the tires. Abnormal tire tread usually indicates the wheel alignment is off. Signs to look out for on your tires is wear that’s only in the center, tire feathering, cupped tires, or wear that’s only on the outer edges. Unusual tire tread isn’t always easy to spot if you aren’t sure what to look for, schedule an inspection with a professional to help spot any inconsistencies. 

Squealing Tires

Driving isn’t completely a noise-free experience, but you shouldn’t notice an apparent squealing sound when driving under normal conditions. If the wheels are misaligned, the tires will not make proper contact with the road. Worn tires that don’t impact the road will squeal and alert you that there’s a problem. 

Crooked Steering Wheel 

Your steering wheel should be straight ahead and never crooked. One way to tell if your vehicle is misaligned is to stay aware of its performance after making a turn. After turning, if the steering wheel doesn’t naturally turn back to its original position, there may be an alignment issue. 

Loose Handling 

When your wheels are not all properly lined up, your vehicle can pull in different directions. This pulling in various directions will cause your car to have loose handling. A wheel alignment service should restore handling and drivability. 

Pulling to One Side

Your vehicle pulling to one side is a significant sign of poor wheel alignment. If the road you’re driving along is smooth and straight, your vehicle should remain going straight for the most part. If your car veers to the left or the right, the wheels are not angled forward. 

Wheel Alignment Service in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Specialty Automotive has ASE certified technicians who specialize in wheel alignments. If you notice any of the above signs, reach out to our expert technicians for an inspection. 

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