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7 Checklist Items to Ensure Your Vehicle is Ready for Spring

The Spring season is upon us! It is important to prepare your vehicle for spring to ensure it's safe and running smoothly after the Winter months. Here are 7 steps you can take to prepare your vehicle for spring:

  1.  Clean the exterior of the vehicle: This will prevent your vehicle from rust and corrosion. Washing your vehicle to remove any salt, dirt, or other abrasive grime accumulated during the winter season.
  2. Check your tires: You will want to check the tire pressure and tread depth to ensure they are in good condition. Colder temperatures cause your tires to lose pressure which will lead to poor fuel economy and extra tread wear.
  3. Check your wipers and wiper blades: Spring brings a lot of pollen and rain, so it's important to have working wipers in good condition. Make sure your wiper fluid is topped off as well, as the pollen could stick to your windshield.
  4. As always you should check your fluids. You will want to check the coolant, power steering, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and your oil. Top fluids off as needed and make sure to keep up on regular oil changes every 3K for conventional oil-and 6K for synthetic blend / synthetic.
  5. Check the air conditioning; Test your cold air before the weather begins to get warmer. You won't want to be caught without A/C down here in the central valley! 
  6. Check your battery: Colder temperatures may cause a battery to lose some of its charge, you will want to have this tested to ensure it will hold a charge.
  7. Last but certainly not least check your brakes: You should have your brakes inspected to ensure the safety of others and yourself.

By ensuring all of these are in good working condition, your vehicle will run safe and smooth for the spring season!