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Monthly Archives: November 2020

3 Reasons You Should Replace the Cabin Filters in the Winter

3 Reasons You Should Replace the Cabin Filters in the Winter

Cabin filters may be long forgotten until the air inside your vehicle becomes difficult to breathe. They can be easily written off as out of sight, out of mind. Changing the air filter is a relatively inexpensive service that usually takes less than an hour of wait time. Most drivers remember to change the cabin filter during their oil change service in the spring. However, the winter is just as important as the spring to replace the air filter. Below are three critical reasons you should replace your cabin filter during the winter.   It increases the efficiency of the defroster. The benefits of a clean cabin filter are more noticeable during the winter. New filters help the defroster perform efficiently. Clogged filters can cause the windshield defroster to struggle to clear during the winter due to the vents' restriction. Dirty filters that are neglected can take so much extra time to defrost the window that limits visibility, creating a mor ... read more